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The Ceiling Fan Vs Chandelier Debate

What dresses up a bedroom more than a beautiful chandelier hanging over your bed?!!! When we moved into our house several years ago, I knew I had to have this look. But…we sleep with the fan on and were we really willing to give that up?

I changed direction and started looking into some of the newer fans that incorporate a chandelier. I was shocked at the price!

That is when I came across this little beauty. It attaches to your existing fan and adds just the right amount of bling! I was worried that the fan would cause the crystals to move and be noisy but that never happened. We use our fan every night and enjoy our chandelier every day!

Now, I was ready to add a light/fan to my study. I found this on Amazon and could not get it out of my head. (Similar) Gorgeous chandelier and who knew it was also a fan! It has 4 retractable clear blades that are automatically placed inside when not in use.

This fixture is a real conversation piece and I could not be happier with my purchase.

The lights have 3 settings: white light, natural light and warm light. It is super quiet.

So, if you find yourself in that struggle of needing that fan but wanting that chandelier…problem solved;)

Thanks for stopping by!

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