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Meet Bailey

Who ever thought that we would love our pets as much as we do!!!

I got a new puppy (Yorkie) after a deadly accident involving my beloved Sophie (Yorkie, also). My significant other went out the very same day and found him. Of course, I felt I was not ready and could not even think about getting a new dog. I told him I could not care for a puppy in my condition and if he made one noise that night he was going back!!! Needless to say, not one peep all night!

I felt, in my heart, that I was just not ready for a new puppy. But, in the end, I think it was what helped me recover. Have you ever gone this route after the death of a pet?

So, meet my baby boy, Bailey!

Here he is relaxing in his Calming Fur Cuddler:)

This 5 pounds of pure joy just turned four in August. He thinks he is the biggest dog in the neighborhood. But, just let it thunder and he is running to get under the covers or hiding in his house. I love this cute WELCOME sign.

I wanted to introduce you because I'm sure you will be seeing more of Bailey.

Thanks for stopping by.

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